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Adrienne Bailon is one of those stars who've admitted they got breast implants. She had plastic surgery after the first Cheetah Girls movie at the age of 19. She asked her Miami based surgeon for only B cups, but came out with DD's! After plastic surgery, Adrienne admitted to being more insecure than she was before it. On top of that, Disney was scratching their heads on what to do with her the Cheetah Girls sequel. There was just too much cleavage! 10 years later at age 29, Adrienne Bailon finally had her breast implants removed, but did get a breast lift. It doesn’t seem like she'll be getting another boob job anytime soon!

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Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery

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Adrienne Bailon Breast Implants

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Adrienne Bailon Breast Implants

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