Alyson Hannigan Boob Job Plastic Surgery

After the first American Pie, Alyson Hannigan decided to undergo a little plastic surgery and get hot. She had a boob job which increased her breast size to 32B. Before surgery, she was barely an A cup, so this was actually a huge jump. She's looking absolutely fantastic these days and has maintained steady work on the TV series How I Met Your Mother. Here's a pic that shows her in 1999 and the mid to late 2000's. See the difference?

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alyson hannigan plastic surgery

Alyson Hannigan took a super conservative approach which yielded absolutely fantastic results! After the plastic surgery, she looks totally natural. Her breast implants aren't even that indicating.

alyson hannigan boob job

alyson hannigan cosmetic surgery

alyson hannigan breast implants

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Alyson Hannigan Breast Implants

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