Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before And After Boob Job

It's now widely known that Amanda Bynes had a stint of obsessive plastic surgery. Her boob job is just one procedure of many, and she had it more multiple times. The pic below is from the famous twitter rant she had during the drug problems and court hearings. She looks exhausted and clearly isn't in a positive state of mind. It was weird and unexpected to learn how insecure Amanda Bynes was about her image. She always seemed to be above all that crap, but apparently she was like every other celeb obsessed with how they look. She went so far as to say she got her "bad looks" from her father.

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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Here's Amanda Bynes before and after plastic surgery and the drug problems. You can see the difference in her breast size, hair color, and overall demeanor.

amanda bynes boob job

amanda bynes breast implants

No words necessary...

amanda bynes before and after

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Amanda Bynes Breast Implants

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