Ashley Tisdale Before And After Nose Job Plastic Surgery

There was a time when Ashley Tisdale before and after nose job pictures were on the cover of every tabloid. Her plastic surgery triggered as much public scrutiny for her as anyone over the last 10 years. To begin with, Ashley's nose was odd before her nose job. She has a long narrow nose which didn't have much cartilage. She claims that the surgery was to correct a deviated septum, which may be true, but clearly she added an aesthetic aspect to it. After the first nose job, Ashley Tisdale's nose was way too thin and weak. What a lot of people don't know is that she actually had another surgery to correct this and she looks great now. We'll get to that in a moment though. Here's the dreaded before and after pictures for her first rhinoplasty.

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ashley tisdale nose job

ashley tisdale before and after

ashley tisdale plastic surgery

ashley tisdale nose job

A picture speaks a seventeen thousand words. This is Ashley Tisdale in 2013 looking absolutely fantastic. Her final nose job rebuilt her bridge which gives her a great looking nose.

Ashley Tisdale 2013

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Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

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