Ashley Tisdale Boob Job

We all know that Ashley Tisdale is no stranger to going under the knife, so her having a boob job would come as no surprise. The breast implants increased her bra size from an A cup to a 34B. After that tragic rhinoplasty in 2007, she's really improved her image. Her nose now looks great, she has a good breast size (although it wasn't bad before), and she seems to be doing just fine overall. A picture lasts a thousand years though and people still have those odd looking rhinoplasty images burned in their minds. Here she is with and without breast implants in.

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ashley tisdale breast implants

Overall, this turned out to be a great boob job for Ashley Tisdale.

ashley tisdale boob job

Ashley Tisdale Breast Implants Rating:

Ashley Tisdale Breast Implants

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