Aubrey O'Day Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Aubrey O'Day was no more than an A cup before plastic surgery, but with breast implants, her breast size is now a huge 34D. This before and after pic shows just how different she looks. It's uncommon for someone to jump 3 cup sizes and not be a freak afterwards. Even though Aubrey O'Day's bra size is comically big, she's still a respectable actress and has maintained a positive public image. Just look at how big of a difference her boob job made for her appearance.

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aubrey o'day before and after

Here we can see on of her implants bouncing around. That's not supposed to happen...

aubrey o'day plastic surgery 2

Ya, Aubrey O'Day didn't take the conservative route with plastic surgery...

aubrey o'day boob job

Aubrey O'day Plastic Surgery

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Aubrey O'Day Breast Implants

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