Bethenny Frankel Before And After Botox And Facelift

Bethenny Frankel has publicly admitted to having regular Botox injections to fend off wrinkles and sagging. It's not known if she's had a facelift yet, but if not, she probably will in the future. This before and after pic shows how the wrinkles under her eyes and slight jowls got diminished with Botox. Fortunately, she didn't end up with the creepy frozen face so many people get. Achieving a natural look with Botox isn't an easy thing to do, but she did it.

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Of course, Botox results can be like a roller coaster. It's trial and error. Bethenny Frankel didn't look so good at first, it took time and persistence.

bethenny frankel facelift

Here she is talking about where the injections were.

bethenny frankel botox 2

Here's Bethenny Frankel at 18 with her family.

Bethenny Frankel Young

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Bethenny Frankel Botox

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