Beyonce Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

Has Beyonce had plastic surgery? In a simple word, yes. The singer had a nose job before hitting big which clearly helped skyrocket her career. Before her rhinoplasty, Beyonce had a much wider nose around the bridge and tip. Her surgery ultimately slimmed down the whole nose giving her a sleeker and more refined look. But, many people will argue that she had too much cartilage removed. Beyonce definitely doesn't have Lil Kim status, but she came pretty close to taking her nose job too far. Also, she clearly has a vested interested in how noses look because she reportedly massaged her baby's nose every day to help shape it. And yes, that's a thing. Here we can see the drastic difference of Beyonce before and after cosmetic surgery. It shows her in high school and around the age of 30.

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beyonce plastic surgery

beyonce before and after

beyonce cosmetic surgery

The tip and bridge of her nose are clearly wider in the before picture.

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beyonce nose job

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