Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery For Breast Implants And Nose Job

It's no secret that Bipasha Basu has had quite a bit of plastic surgery. To look as good as she does, she's had breast implants, a nose job, and Botox with a possible facelift. Before surgery, her breast size was a mere A cup, but now it's a 34B. She was smart in her approach to plastic surgery by doing it conservatively. Bipasha Basu still looks totally natural across the board which isn't an easy feat to accomplish. We've seen too many celebrities destroy their careers and personal lives with unnecessary plastic surgery, but Bipasha Basu certainly doesn't fall into that category.

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bipasha basu plastic surgery

Bipasha Basu's boob job made quite a difference in her overall look

bipasha basu breast implants

Again, here she is before and after the surgeries.  

Bipasha Basu Plastic Surgery

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Bipasha Basu Breast Implants

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