Blake Lively Boob Job Transformation

Blake Lively is one of the rare child actresses that successfully made the jump to adult stardom. Her boob job or breast implants were done around age 18 and couldn't have turned out any better. Her implants and rhinoplasty came out so good that she should seriously be given a medal. Who ever her doctor is deserves a little recognition. Before breast implants, Blake Lively's breast size was no more than an A cup, but now she has a perfect 34C to compliment her tall 5 10" frame. This before and after pic shows Blake Lively with and without breast implants in.

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Here we can see her before the boob job and rhinoplasty. Overall, Blake Lively's surgery couldn't have come out any better.

Blake Lively Breast Implants

blake lively boob job

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Blake Lively Breast Implants

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