Britney Spears Before And After Nose Job

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Britney Spears had a nose job as a teenager. When we look at before and after pictures, it's clear that her nose used to be much wider and bulbous. In fact, she used to have a borderline big nose. When we look at her now, it's slim and perfectly fit to her face. This before and after pic shows the star as a teenager and in her 20's.

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britney spears before and after

This lighting shows just how different Britney Spears looked before her nose job. The result is simply stunning because it doesn't look like a prototypical nose. It's still a little humped and which makes it look natural. More times than not, an imperfect nose is a perfect nose.

britney spears nose job

britney spears nose job

Britney Spears Before After

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Britney Spears Nose Job

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