Brooke Hogan Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Implants

Brooke Hogan didn't wait too long before venturing into the world of plastic surgery. At 19, she got breast implants to increase her breast size from a B cup to a D. Unfortunately, she also started a Botox regiment from a very young age which made her look older than she is. If you look at the last picture, you can see how this 25 year old can barely be distinguished from her mom.

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Brooke Hogan Before And After

brooke hogan plastic surgery

Too much plastic surgery is a bad thing. The boob job came out descent (although a little over the top), but she already has jowls and slight wrinkles. It's uncommon to see that on someone in their early 20's.

brooke hogan breast implants

brooke hogan boob job

Which once is Brooke Hogan?!

brooke hogan

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Brooke Hogan Breast Implants

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