Christina Aguilera Boob Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

No one should be surprised that Christina Aguilera had a boob job, or plastic surgery for that matter. This former Disney star has had breast implants multiple times to vary up her breast size. Before cosmetic surgery, Christina Aguilera was just an A cup. But, she went from a C to a 38DD cup during pregnancy; of course her bra size went back down after she gave birth. Here we can see Christina Aguilera before and after her first boob job transformation.

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Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

She's a C cup in the after picture here.

christina aguilera breast implants

Here she is after having the plastic surgery for the second time. Her breast size is a solid D cup here.

christina aguilera before and after

Here's the breast implant scar under her right armpit.

christina aguilera breast implant scar

christina aguilera cosmetic surgery

Here's Christina Aguilera during her pregnancy at the peak of her breast size.

christina aguilera boob job

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Christina Aguilera Breast Implants

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