Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

It's well known that Jennifer Aniston has had more than 1 nose job. She's tried to perfect the art of subtle plastic surgery throughout her career, and has achieved most of the time. Here we can see her as a teenager as well as in her 30's. Before the first nose job she had her nosw was wider. The plastic surgery successfully maintained the natural contour of her nose though.

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jennifer aniston plastic surgery

Here's Jennifer Aniston in high school. The contrast on how her nose used to look a abundantly clear with this picture.

jennifer aniston young

jennifer aniston before and after

Here's another picture of Jennifer Aniston before and after cosmetic surgery. She with out a doubt goes in the top 5 for best celebrity nose jobs of all time.

jennifer aniston nose job

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Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

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