Jenny JWOWW Plastic Surgery Before And After Botox

Any Jenny JWOWW before and after picture that shows an interval of any 5 years will be drastic. IShe's taken to plastic surgery with a very aggressive stance in the last few years especially. Yes she's had a boob job and nose job, but the Botox injections are the most noticeable. By taking it too far she's gotten the creepy Botox victim look. This before and after pic shows JWOWW as a kid and in the last 3 years. Quite a physical transformation.

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jwoww before and after

Jwoww Plastic Surgery

Here's Jenny JWOWW on a talk show with a startling plastic surgery look.

jwoww botox

It's very obvious that she's had more than a little Botox.

Jwoww Cosmetic Surgery

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