Justin Timberlake Tattoos And Meanings

  Justin Timberlake is a hot crooner who has had his share of success, heartbreak, and tattoos. JT has seven tattoos in all, including a cross, guardian angel, zodiac sign, flames, marionette, initials, and a chinese character. He seems to be a very straightforward guy who gets tattoos for pretty obvious reasons, but we can learn some things about him that we never knew. Let's proceed, shall we? 1. The meaning behing tehe cross on Justin Timberlake's left upper arm is most definitely a symbol of of his faith. Justin grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and started out by singing in church. His father was a choir director at a Baptist Church, and his grandfather was a preacher. Although, he doesn't exactly follow in their footsteps. When asked on the Larry King show if he is religious, he responded by saying, "I think the term for me would be more spiritual than religious." Either way, religion has played a big role in his life and he is not afraid to show it.      

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    6. On the front of his ankle are his initials, which stand for Justin Randall Timberlake. The "T" is the largest letter. He also used to own a chain that looked like this, that he wore in the *N'Sync days.        

justin timberlake initials tattoo

    7. Lastly, he has a Chinese symbol on his left ankle that stands for "Music," or "Song." Surely it represesnts him well!  No matter what Justin gets tatted on himself, he will always look good. Even when he did the movie Alpha Dog, the fake tattoos that he got looked great! Keep doing what you do, JT!      

justin timberlake tattoo

    4. The next three tattoos are all on the same area, but each part has a different significance. The tattoo of flames around JT's right ankle is a logo from the *N'Sync days. Underneath the flames is a red rope, signifying the fame and exposure that came with the success of the boy band.    

justin timberlake tattoo

    5. On the inside of his right ankle is the silhouette of a marionette which is a symbol of *N'Sync's No Strings Attached days. If anyone remembers the awesome Bye Bye Bye and It's Gonna Be Me videos, each member posed as a marionette, and they released life-like marionette dolls. And in case anyone cares, I own them all and they are fabulous.    

justin timberlake marionette tattoo

      3. Moving down to Justin's left leg, he has a tattoo of his zodiac sign, which is Aquarius. The sign is tattoed and then there is a chain that wraps all the way around his calf.       

justin timberlake zodiac tattoo

      2. This tattoo is the one people know the least about, which is crazy considering how huge it is! Justin Timberlake has a large tattoo spanning his whole upper back. It is a cherub with the word "Guardian" over it's head. The cherub is holding a banner bearing his mother's initials, and behind the cherub is a celestial background. Sources say the meaning behind this is to commemorate his little sister, who died at birth.       

justin timberlake tattoo meaning

justin timberlake tattoos

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