Katy Perry Boob Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

It's unknown as to whether or not Katy Perry had a boob job, but we do know her breast size is a solid 32D cup. It's not unlikely that she had plastic surgery, but it would have had to of been when she was 18 or 19. The 29 year old singer was born in 1984 and has always been well chested. This before and after picture shows a slight difference in Katy Perry's bra size. This before and after picture shows enough of a difference to present a case that she had a boob job. Once again it's not certain, but is possible.

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katy perry plastic surgery

It looks like she's doing some tricks with a special bra or invisible tape to look bigger though.

katy perry boob job

It looks like Katy Perry had breast implants in the after picture merely because she has on an intense push-up bra.

Katy Perry Before And After

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katy perry breast implants

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