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  Katy Perry is such a bright, outgoing lady, you'd think that she would have a ton of tattoos, right? Nope! She only has five small tattoos, each one being extremely cute and small. She has a strawberry, peppermint, Jesus, lotus flower, and sanskrit tattoo. Check out each one and their meanings! 1. Katy Perry's strawberry tattoo has an adorable little face, and looks almost as if it is going to pop up at any moment into a cartoon and start dancing! In fact, she got this tattoo as a symbol to remind her of her One of the Boys album and all of the success that came with it. While on tour for the album, Katy featured inflatable strawberries and it was a general theme for her outfits as well. She was really amazed by all of the success that happened so quickly, and wanted a reminder of that awesome time in her life. She got this tatto on the inside of her left ankle.      

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      5. Lastly, Katy has a small outline of a lotus flower on the inside of her right wrist. While not much has been said about this tattoo, we can do a little independent research here. In Indian culture, the lotus flower represents knowledge and prosperity. Perhaps it is a reminder to learn from your past and continue to prosper throughout your life. Whatever the case may be, Katy certainly has a very lovely collection of tattoos. Oh and perhaps Katie's next tattoo will be... something having to do with her latest album Prism, with a face? We can only wait and see!      

katy perry tattoo

    4. On the inside of the right bicep, both Katy Perry and her ex husband Russell Brand have the same tattoo. It is a line of Sanskrit which is the primary language in India. As many know, Russell proposed to Katy while on vacation in India and then actually tied the knot there as well. The line of text interprets to say, "Go with the flow." Sounds like a good philosohy to live by, Katy!      

katy perry tattoo

Katy Perry Tattoo

    3. There is a Jesus tattoo on Katy'Perry's left wrist. This was also her first tattoo that she got when she was 18. Coming from a very religious upbringing (both parents were ministers), her faith has always been a large part of her life. On the tat, Katy says, "I got this Jesus tattoo on my wrist when I was 18 because I know that it's always going to be a part of me. When I'm playing, it's staring right back at me, saying, 'Remember where you came from.'" She is referring to when she is playing guitar. Also, another quote on Katy's parents says, "People love the idea of a good girl gone bad, thinking that my parents were so strict and disowned me, but that actually wasn't the case. Even though they don't necessarily agree with some of the things I do, they love me as their daughter. That's always been their perspective."      

Katy Perry Tattoos

      2. On the right ankle, Katy got herself a little friend for her strawberry! The friend is a peppermint, who also has an extremely cute cartoon face. Katy got this to comemmorate her Teenage Dream album and tour. Rumor has it that tattoo artist Bang Bang traveled with Katy and the crew for a whole week to tattoo everyone who wanted one of these little peppermints. Katy's second tour included cutesy peppermint themed outfits and overall awesomeness. Instead of getting the peppermint, Katy's husband at the time Russell Brand got a logo of the West Ham United soccer team.      

katy perry tattoo meanings

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Katy Perry Tattoos

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