Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery For Nose Job And Boob Job

Has Kristen Stewart had plastic surgery? She had a nose job, but the boob job rumors are simply not true. If we look at the difference between Kristen Stewart as a teenager and as an adult, it's clear she had a nose job. Her nose is slimmer and sticks out a little less. It's a more petite nose that fits her face very nicely.

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kristen stewart plastic surgery

Her nose is thinner than most people, but it works for her face.

kristen stewart nose job

At first glance of this before and after picture it's easy to assume she had a boob job, right? Well, with a special padded bra anyone can make it look like they're a cup size bigger than they really are.

Kristen Stewart Boob Job

Kristen Stewart Breast Implants

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Kristen Stewart Nose Job

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