Lil' Kim Before And After Plastic Surgery

Lil' Kim is on the top 10 list of the most tragic plastic surgery stories. The difference from before and after cosmetic surgery is so extreme that you would never know it's the same person. Lil' Kim is known for her iconic rapping of the 90's as well as her affiliation with Notorious B.I.G. She was a big sex icon in the 90's, but after hopping on the plastic surgery train and never got off. This first before and after picture shows her all natural as well as after multiple facelifts, Botox treatments, a nose job, facial fillers and other procedures.

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Lil Kim Before And After

Here's a photoshopped picture of Lil' Kim from the 90's. This is when she was one of the hottest female celebrities on the scene.

Lil Kim Young

Fast forward a few years and you can see the difference in her face.

lil kim cosmetic surgery

Here she is with way too much makeup on while attending a Red Carpet event.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

This is Lil' Kim in 2013 after all of her plastic surgery. It's always a shame when things like this happen.

lil kim cosmetic surgery 2

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Lil' Kim Other Types Of Plastic Surgery

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