Natalie Portman Nose Job Plastic Surgery

If Natalie Portman had a nose job, it would be on the top 5 celebrity plastic surgery list of all time. There's absolutely nothing that looks unnatural about her nose now. We've gathered a few before and after pictures that show the tiny difference in how her nose looks. Also, there's a picture of Natalie Portman as a teenager on slide 2 which shows the biggest difference in her nose.

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natalie portman nose job

It's always hard to judge an adults nose from when they were 13 because the nose grows your whole life. Yes that's right, even when you're 80 years old your nose is still growing!

Natalie Portman Young

If she had plastic surgery, it was just to make the tip a tiny bit smaller. If so, it is subtle plastic surgery at its best.

natalie portman nose job

natalie portman plastic surgery

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Natalie Portman Nose Job

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