Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Breast Implants And Bra Size

Has Sofia Vergara had plastic surgery? The obvious assumption would be that she had breast breast implants - seeing as her bra size is a 32 F cup. However, this Hollywood bombshell insists that she's all-natural. Her publicist actually advised her to get breast reduction surgery in 2011, but Sofia Vergara was smart enough to know that her breast size is what opened so many doors for her. Sofia said that she's 100% open to a breast lift when it becomes natural. So, just from that we know that she's not opposed to cosmetic surgery.

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Judging by this picture, do you think Sofia Vergara had a boob job?

sofia vergara plastic surgery

sofia vergara cosmetic surgery

It seems almost impossible that she didn't have plastic surgery, but it's not proven either way.

sofia vergara boob job

sofia vergara breast implants

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Sofia Vergara Breast Implants

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