Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Before And After Breast Reduction

Tamra Barney, star of the reality series Real Housewives of Orange County, decided to get breast reduction. The plastic surgery lowered her breast size from her famous DD to a B cup. We must say that she looks much healthier and natural now. Here's what Tamra had say about getting her breast implants removed, "1. I live a more active lifestyle now (working out and running) and they really got in the way. 2. I feel at 44 I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I don't need big ta-ta's to make me look better. 3. one of the biggest reasons, I had a scare with breast cancer and I thought it would be better to just have them removed." Here she is before and after implants.

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tamra barney plastic surgery

tamra barney before and after

These days, Tamra Barney is living a much more active lifestyle and seems way happier. Getting breast reduction surgery was a great decision for her.

tamra barney breast reduction

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Tamra Barney Breast Reduction

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