Tara Reid Boob Job Plastic Surgery Before And After

  One of the most unexpected celebrity plastic surgery fails of the 2000's was Tara Reid. It all started with her great boob job prior to American Pie II. She all the sudden went from cute to hot almost over night.! In a sense, she became the new Nadia! At first, Tara Reid's breast implants were fantastic, but she got a totally botched liposuction which basically ruined her career. This article is focused on her boob job though, so we'll stay on that topic. In this before and after picture, Tara Reid looks fantastic. But, it was all downhill after that.    

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tara reid before and after


tara reid breast implants

    Take a look at her stomach and see what I'm talking about.  

tara reid cosmetic surgery

    Before cosmetic surgery, Tara Reid's breast size was just an A cup. After surgery she became a solid D cup.    

tara reid boob job

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Tara Reid Breast Implants

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