Tara Reid Liposuction

  Tara Reid had really bad luck with her liposuction surgery. She went from stunningly gorgeous to being on the "worst celebrity surgery" lists over night. As we stated before, her breast implants came out great, but the lipo was the one surgery she should have veered away from. It was an odd choice on her part to even consider the surgery in the first place. She was already physically fit and a flat / toned stomach. She must have seen tiny imperfections that only she could notice. If you look at the next pictures it's just as bad if not worse.    

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tara reid liposuction

Tara Reid Lipo

    We can see Tara Reid on the right. It may not be the worst celebrity liposuction of all time, but it's up there.    

tara reid liposuction 2

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Tara Reid Liposuction

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