Tyra Banks Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is to Tyra Banks as the clouds are to the sky. Since her nose looks way to thin for her face, it's no mystery that she had a nose job. The first photo shows her as a high schooler as well as in recent hears. Before cosmetic surgery, Tyra had a very bulbous nose. The surgeon removed a lot of cartilage from the tip / bridge and shaved down bone from the mid section.

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tyra banks nose job

Here's the same transition in a different light.

tyra banks plastic surgery

Without makeup, Tyra Banks' nose is way to thin for her face. She has to apply a lot of foundation to make it work. It would have been better if she didn't have the doctor remove so much cartilage.

tyra banks rhinoplasty

Here we can see Tyra Banks before plastic surgery. She must have gotten a rhinoplasty right after high school and headed straight for Hollywood!

Tyra Banks Cosmetic Surgery

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Tyra Banks Nose Job

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